The town

Veliko Tarnovo is located in the central part of Northern Bulgaria. The city's population is about 72 000 people. Through the town runs one of the biggest and high watered rivers in Bulgaria – The Yantra. Today Tarnovo is the 15th biggest town in the country and is definitely one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Bulgaria.

Tarnovo is the third capital of Bulgaria (from 1187 to 1393). During its Medieval heyday the town played a very important role at the European economic and political scene. Nowadays, as to remember of the past might of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, over the old capital is rising the renewed fortress on Tsarevets hill.

Most of the buildings here are preserved in traditional Bulgarian style and this is what makes the town’s unique atmosphere. Also most of the streets that ramble across the hills of Tarnovo are narrow and twisted, but fulfilled with unique charm. Many of the old buildings are transformed into hotels, restaurants and museums, which welcome visitors year-round.

The old capital is an important educational centre. Local schools and universities are defined as one of the best in the country. Many young Bulgarians come here to get a good education that will give them better opportunities for realization in Bulgaria and the European Union.

There are many opportunities for entertainment in the city. Besides the beautiful architecture the town of Veliko Tarnovo offers its visitors huge variety of museums and sights scattered across the cobblestoned streets. The culture calendar of the Old capital is full with different festivals, shows and events, which carry out all the year. The night life of the town also offers variety of club performances and concerts with the participation of Bulgarian and foreign musicians. There are also many night-clubs and places of entertainment.

Veliko Tarnovo can offer many places to the tired visitors where they can stop to relax and eat something delicious. Here you can try some traditional local meals and also enjoy exotic dishes from all over the world.

Veliko Tarnovo is a unique place, that has kept the Bulgarian spirit and tradition throughout the ages. Not only is the old town a living proof of the heroic and rich Bulgarian history, but it is also a modern and alive culture centre, that invites irresistibly everyone who visited the city once to come back again


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